School Regulations

Table of Contents

A. Purposes of the Regulations. 4

B. Study program.. 4

  1. Status of the student 4
  2. Acknowledgement of previous studies. 5
  3. Academic duties. 6
  4. First aid course. 6
  5. Discontinuation of studies. 7

C.  Attendance and participation in courses. 7

  1. Duty of attendance. 7
  2. Tardiness. 7
  3. Active participation in practical classes. 7
  4. Pregnant student 8
  5. Appearance, apparel and cleanliness. 8

D.  Tests procedures, grades and certification. 8

  1. Taking tests. 8
  2. Tests in special terms. 9
  3. Application for accommodation in theoretical tests. 9
  4. Grades. 10
  5. Appealing a grade. 10
  6. Certification. 11

E. Disciplinary offenses. 11

  1. Disciplinary offense. 11
  2. Procedures of submission of complaint 12
  3. Disciplinary board. 12
  4. Penalties. 13
  5. Appeal 13

F. Student services. 14

  1. Services provided for students by the Wingate Institute. 14
  2. Study funds. 14
  3. Traffic and parking arrangements in the Institute. 14
  4. Student mailbox. 15

G. Student health and accidents. 15

  1. Student insurance. 15
  2. Reporting an accident 15
  3. First aid. 16

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Nat Holman School For Coaches And Instructors Regulations

A. Purposes of the Regulations

The following Regulations regulate the procedures and rules practiced in the School and its extensions in the academic, social and administrative domains. The instructions set forth in these Regulations are in force as of 2010 until the publication of new regulations. During the academic year there may be changes deriving from the instructions and the decisions by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and other authorities. These changes and changes that derive from the resolutions made by the School management shall be published in the School internet website:

Knowledge of the procedures and rules and upholding them constitutes a basis for proper administration and a generates a positive and productive academic atmosphere for students, teachers and the academic staff. The detailed instructions specified hereunder bind all relevant persons even without knowledge of their content.

B. Study program
1. Status of the student
  1. A registered student is a student that filled in a registration form in full and passed the different tests of admission, paid tuition fees and provided medical confirmation attesting that he is in good health, so as to ensure his participation in a course.
  2. An outside student is a student that was granted approval by the exceptions committee  appointed by the director of the Students Administration and that consists the director of the student administration, course coordinator and/or an additional member of the board.
  3. Any change in the personal details of the student in comparison to the details the student provided in the registration form requires the student to update the registration and admission department.
2.        Acknowledgement of previous studies
  1. The School reserves the right to acknowledge previous academic studies of the students that studied in a recognized academic institute or an institute recognized by the School or in a college of physical education teachers or in the framework of the School For Coaches And Instructors.
  1. Acknowledging previous studies in a theoretical subject shall be granted provided that the period that elapsed since the date of completion of the studies in the subjects for which exemption is requested does not exceed 6 years.
  2. The student shall fill in a form: “Application for acknowledgement of previous studies for the purpose of receiving exemption” and shall attach to the form a formal certificate that details the following: subjects of study, grade, year of study and number of hours. In addition, the student is obligated to attach the relevant program of studies. The application for exemption should be submitted to the director of the student administration up to a month from the date of beginning of studies.
  3. The student will receive a written notice from the Students Administration as to the decision of the director of the department in continuation to the recommendation of the relevant head of department.
  4. Provision of exemption is not automatic. The School does not undertake to grant it under any conditions.
  5. No discount shall be given for granting exemption from studies.
3.        Academic duties
  1. The student is obligated to complete all works, exercises and tests until the date set by the School or until the final test on the subject is held. In the event of failure to complete the duties in any subject, this shall be registered as a missing course.
  2. A student that wishes to complete the missing course shall submit a form of application to complete a missing course and send it to an internal mailbox of the director of Students Administration or the head of the extension where he studies.
  3. A student with a registered missing course shall be required to complete the course as soon as possible and no later than 2 semesters from the date of completing studies in the course. After two semesters the student shall be required to take the course again.
  4. A student is obligated to complete all of his academic duties in the course within 6 years from the beginning of the course. If the student fails to comply with this condition he shall be required to take the course from the start.
4.        First aid course

The completion of a first aid course in the extent of 20 hours is part of the requirements for the completion of studies in the following courses: coaches course, instructors course and therapists course.

In order to help students, the School shall hold during the academic year, first aid courses at a cost of NIS 380 for anyone interested (payment is in addition to tuition fees in the course). The dates of courses shall be published on the bulletin board.

  • In rappelling and hydrotherapy courses the student ought to take a course in an extent of 44 academic hours at least.
  • In certain courses in alternative medicine the student is required to undergo CPR course in the extent of 4 academic hours.
5.        Discontinuation of studies

A student that wishes to discontinue his studies shall notify about his intention in writing to the director of the Students Administration. In such event the student shall be entitled to receive a confirmation from the School concerning the courses he took, as well as examinations and grades he received. If the student wishes to renew his studies, the provisions set forth in Chapter 3: Academic Duties, shall apply.

Details concerning repayment of tuition fees for cancelation of registration or discontinuation of studies are specified in Chapter 8 Section 5.

C.       Attendance and participation in courses
 1.       Duty of attendance

Attendance in all practical and theoretical classes is mandatory for all students. A student that is absent from more than 20% of the total academic hours will not be permitted to take the test in that subject and he shall have to complete the academic hours that he missed in the following course (for extra cost). The director of the Students Administration shall review each case in which explanations concerning justifiable absence from classes are submitted, as a result of “force majeure” or for the following reasons: wedding, illness, mourning, reserve duty (relevant documentation concerning each of the aforesaid reasons should be presented).

2.        Tardiness

A student that is late for class will not be allowed to enter the classroom.

3.        Active participation in practical classes

The student ought to take an active part in at least 80% of the classes. The student ought to present medical confirmation and a confirmation issued by the director of the student administration for attending classes without active participation for justifiable reasons (such as illness, injury and so on).

4.        Pregnant student

A pregnant student shall notify about her condition at the time of registration and admission and she shall notify the Students Administration about her condition during the course.

A pregnant student is prohibited from taking practical classes except for classes in which physical activities are minimal and upon presenting a note issued by a doctor permitting her to take an active part in classes.

If, following her pregnancy, a student is prevented from taking part in practical classes in an extent exceeding 20%, she shall be required to complete the missing hours.

5.        Appearance, apparel and cleanliness

The students of the School are required to maintain clean and orderly personal appearance and wear appropriate sports apparel to all practical classes.

Students are required to maintain the cleanliness of the classrooms and halls and the completeness of the equipment therein. Drinking or eating in classrooms is forbidden – such conduct constitutes a disciplinary offense.

D.      Tests procedures, grades and certification
1. Taking tests
  1. The student is responsible to ensure that the test is held on the date and hour published in advance. Tests will not necessarily be held on the days in which the course is held.
  2. During the test the examinee ought to present an identification card. The examinee will be asked to leave the classroom if he does not carry an identification card.
  3. Courses and tests in the School are held in the Hebrew language only (excluding special courses that are held in a foreign language).
  4. Every student is obligated to attend all tests held in the First Term (a student that failed in the first term is entitled to take the examination in the Second Term).
  5. No questions concerning the content of the test may be asked during the test. Students that are new immigrants or have learning disabilities and have suitable documentation may ask reading comprehension questions and use a dictionary.
  6. Students may not leave the room during a test.
  7. If one of the following events takes place (and proven): illness, reserve duty, family event due to which the student cannot take a test (in the First and/or Second Term) he shall be entitled to take the test in a special term (see Section D.2) at no extra cost following the approval of the director of the student administration and provided that he provides proof in support of his absence from the test.
2.        Tests in special terms
  1. In the event that a student was not examined in the First or Second Term for justifiable reasons, the student shall take the test in that subject in the framework of a parallel course and at no extra cost after submitting an application to complete his academic duties to the director of the Students Administration.

If the reason for the absence of the student in a test held in the First or Second Term was unjustified, the student shall be obligated to take the course in which he failed, pay tuition fees according to the academic hours he ought to take and subsequently he shall be given the opportunity to take the test in the two terms.

3.        Application for accommodation in theoretical tests

An application for accommodation during theoretical tests shall be accompanied by a professional diagnosis made by a professional entity (psychologist, speech pathologist, didactic diagnostician and so on). Diagnosis shall be submitted in full including the chapter of recommendations. The application may be submitted a month at the latest from the date of beginning of studies in an annual course and up to two weeks since the beginning of a semestrial or concentrated course.

4.        Grades
  1. A passing grade in a theoretical or practical examination is 55 points and above except for courses for training instructors and coaches in accordance with the Sports Law in which a passing grade in a practical examination is 65 and above unless otherwise stated.
  2. The School may change the threshold conditions in examinations in accordance with the instructions issued by the Sports Administration and according to the decisions made by the academic committee.
  3. Test grades shall be published on the bulletin board within 3 weeks from the date of taking the test. The student shall be responsible to review the grades in the bulletin board. Information about grades can also be obtained in the School website:
  4. The academic grade sheet will include only the last grade the student received.
  5. A student that failed an examination twice shall be obligated to study the subject once more at extra cost and take the test.
5.        Appealing a grade
  1. A student may review the test form provided that the review is done in the presence of the head of the department, course coordinator, director of the extension in which he is enrolled, or the teacher of the course, within two weeks at the latest from the date of publication of the grade.
  2. In the event that the student requires to appeal the grade he received he ought to submit the appeal to the director of the student administration no later than two weeks from the date of publication of the grade.
  3. The decision of the appeal shall be conclusive and shall be submitted to the student by the director of the student administration up to one month from the date of submitting the appeal.
6.        Certification
  1. A student that completed successfully all the requirements of the course shall be entitled to receive a certificate.
  2.  As a condition for receiving certification the student ought to present a valid certificate/confirmation that attest that he completed the first aid course successfully in the extent of 20 hours at least.
  3. Certification for training and coaching in competitive sports, physical fitness and health and freestyle aerobics shall be in accordance with the Sport Law 5748-1988, the Sports Regulations 5757-1997 and the Gym Law 5754-1994.
  4. The student is entitled to receive one graduation confirmation and one certificate only. Each additional confirmation and/or certificate shall be provided at an extra cost.
E.      Disciplinary offenses
1.        Disciplinary offense

A disciplinary offense might result in suspension of studies until it is investigated.

For the purpose of these Regulations a disciplinary offense shall be the following:

  1. Disobedience to instructions or offending a member of the academic staff, another student or a representative of the School.
  2. Fraudulent acts during a test, a written assignment or any task imposed on the student.
  3. Willful damage caused to the equipment of the School or the institute.
  4. Disobedience to the rules of conduct prescribed by the Institute (procedures, order, traffic laws, and so on).
  5. Providing false information knowingly to the School.
  6. Conviction of committing an infamous criminal offense in or out of the Institute.
  7. Conduct that is unbefitting a student, instructor or a coach during the course of studies or specialization in or out of the Wingate Institute.
2. Procedures of submission of complaint

A student that wishes to lodge a complaint against the School or any of its employees shall do so in writing. The letter of complaint shall be addressed to the director of the Students Administration in the School. A complaint against a student in the school shall be lodged in writing to the director of the student administration or the director of the department.

3.        Disciplinary board

Any complaint lodged against a student shall be considered by a disciplinary board that shall comprise the director of the student administration of the School (chairman) and another member of the board (member).

  1. The disciplinary board shall convene within two weeks from the date of lodging the complaint to the director of the Students Administration. A written notice concerning this matter shall be sent to the Defendant.

Note: a person that is directly involved in the case considered by the board shall not take part as a member.

2. The Defendant is obligated to appear before the disciplinary board. If he failed to do so the board may consider the complaint and reach any decision despite the absence of the Defendant.

4.        Penalties

If the Defendant was found guilty of one or more of the offenses specified hereinabove, one or more of the following penalties might be imposed on him, at the board’s decision:

  • Warning
  • Reprimand
  • Prohibition to use the facilities of the Institute
  • Disqualification of test and/or disqualification of work
  • Prohibition to take a test
  • Withholding issuance of certificate or study certificate
  • Suspension from studies for a temporary or permanent period
  • Cancelation of rights or academic achievements acquired fraudulently
  • Monetary penalty
  • The disciplinary board is authorized to decide that one or more of the aforesaid penalties shall be subject to conditions.
5.        Appeal

A student may appeal a decision of the disciplinary board in writing before the appeal committee of the School within two weeks from the date a decision was made. The appeal committee shall comprise the director of the School and another senior office holder in the School.

The decisions made by the appeal committee are conclusive.

Note: a member of the disciplinary board that is directly related to the case discussed by the appeal committee shall not be a member of the appeal committee.

f. Student services
1.        Services provided for students by the Wingate Institute

Student card: a student that was admitted to studies in the School will receive confirmation from the student administration as to his admission and a student card that will enable him to use the services provided by the institute such as: borrowing books from the library, purchasing a parking entry card, and borrowing equipment from the institute.

Dining room: students of the School are entitled to receive meals (at extra cost, according to the price list published by the Wingate Institute) and according to the common arrangements. In addition, there is a student cafeteria and a snack bar in the Institute.

Library: students of the School are entitled to use the services of the library in the Institute. Borrowing books is permitted upon presentation of student card and according to library regulations.

Post office: a post office is located in the student building, providing postal services.

Photocopy machine: students are entitled to use the photocopy machine for payment.

Additional machines are located in the library building (basement floor).

2.        Study funds

A physical education teacher and/or coach in another field studying in an instructors course and requesting recognition of study hours for the purpose of a study fund shall submit a personal application (in a form in the registration booklet) before the beginning of the course to the national center of study funds for physical education teachers in the Zinman college in the Wingate Institute.

3.        Traffic and parking arrangements in the Institute

Traffic regulations in the Institute were set according to the regulations prescribed by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety in conjunction with the management of the Institute. Traffic signs in the area of the Institute are designated to direct the traffic and the students are requested to obey them. Disobedience to traffic signs constitutes a disciplinary offense in accordance with these Regulations and shall result in an investigation conducted by the disciplinary board.

For your information, traffic in the Institute is one way.

Parking badge – entry to the Wingate Institute is at an extra cost. Parking badges shall be given to registered students only in the registration and admission department of the School. Parking in the area is permitted in parking lots only. Under no circumstances parking at the side of the road or by lawns is permitted. The municipal parking supervisors of the Netanya city council shall issue parking tickets for illegal parking.

4.        Student mailbox

The student mailbox is located by the registration and admission department in the School lobby. Any letter sent from the School to the student shall be placed in this mailbox only. The student is responsible to check his mailbox.

G. Student health and accidents
1. Student insurance
  1. Membership in an HMO – each student must be a member of one of the HMOs and report this information in the registration form when enrolling for studies. A student that is not a member of an HMO shall not be admitted to studies in the School.
  2. The student shall not be granted any compensation for additional expenses of medical care and/or for loss of workdays. Such compensation may be provided in the framework of third party insurance of the Institute and in accordance with the insurance provisions.
  3. If the medical condition of the student changed during the course of studies, not in the framework of the activities of the School, he ought to notify the course coordinator and the registration and admission department about it immediately and in writing.
2.        Reporting an accident

A student that was injured while staying in the area of the Institute or during his activities in classes on behalf of the School is required to report immediately about this injury to the course coordinator or the instructor of that course.

The course coordinator ought to fill in an accident report (that can be obtained in the student administration department) within 24 hours from the time of the injury. In the event that a student cannot report on an accident, the accident report shall be filled by the director of the department.

3.        First aid

The School is not obligated to provide any medical services to the student and/or compensation for receiving medical treatment except for providing first aid treatment in the infirmary of the Institute.  The student shall be solely liable for membership in HMOs and/or medical cover including liability for payments for medical services provided to the student by any entity.

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H. Payments, refunds, discounts and scholarships
Repayment policy (Cancellation and Refunds Policies):

The following policy is applicable only in connection with registration fees and tuition fees that were paid directly to the Wingate Institute. The Institute is not liable for payments made to third parties that organize groups for courses held by the Wingate Institute. The organizing entity shall be exclusively liable for the collection and repayments in accordance with the policy it prescribed and published.

  • The Registration Fee is non refundable.
  • Cancellation Policies –
    • Wingate reserves the right to cancel a course. A course will be cancelled or rebooked if there is insufficient enrolment based on Wingate sole discretion. The registrant will be notified of changes/cancellations and refunds/options. If Wingate cancels a course, a full refund will be processed (including the registration fee). Wingate is not responsible for any accommodation, travel, or other expenses incurred by a registrant if a course is cancelled.
    • If the registrant cancels: (a) Prior to 30 days before course starts, a $150 cancellation fee will be charged; (b) Between 29-8 days before the course starts, a charge of 70% of the tuition fee will be levied; (c) as of 7 days before the course starts no refunds are issued, and the full tuition fee will be levied.
  • Refund requests may be submitted by fax or email.

Please note: refund will be made without any Interest or linkage. Wingate is not responsible for any accommodation, travel, or other expenses incurred by a registrant if a course is cancelled. Any tuition fee which will be refund, as according to the above policy, will be refund after deducting bank’s fees or commissions. 

* Note: words in masculine include feminine.

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