Krav Maga Instruction Programs

Wingate Institute, Israel national sport institution, is known as the birth place of Civilian Krav-Maga. The institute, took upon himself to preserve and develop the heritage and disciplines of ‘Kapap’ and ‘Krav-Maga‘.

The Institute offers a wide variety of training programs, qualifications and seminars for practitioners, instructors, club owners and organizations.

In addition to a wide veriety of seminars we deliver the following qualifications:                      

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Krav-Maga Team Leader

Qualification length: 15 hours

Description: This is the first level of leadership, usually used to encourage relatively new practitioners through a process of qualification and responsibilities granting. In this process, the student gets the chance to guide and lead younger, or new students.

The team leader learns how to conduct warmup and how to teach basic techniques using the imitation method.

We aim for the team leader to assume various responsibilities in his  club, such as helping the leading instructor, tutoring new students and improving his technical abilities which will allow him to take the next leadership step.


Krav Maga Senior Team Leader

Qualification length: 30 hours

Description: This is the second level of leadership. In this qualification the student learns the ‘Whole teaching method’, how to conduct specific warmup, how to develop preparation exercises and is introduced to the ‘Breakdown teaching method’.


Krav Maga Practical Instructor

Minimal age: 17

Qualification length: 60 hours

Description: The instructor can design and conduct a full training unit by himself. He can teach and deliver training content which he had received from his coach. Can supervise and guide Team Leaders and Assistant Instructors.

Krav Maga Senior Instructor

Qualification length: 45 hours

Description: The senior instructor is an expert teacher, he can apply motor learning and advanced teaching methods in his teaching. He has the knowledge to qualify Team Leaders and Senior Team Leaders.

Krav Maga Coach

Minimal age: 24

The coach poses a longer perspective of teaching processes, he holds the knowledge to design, manage, conduct and control annual training programs and, to teach students the modules which are required in the instructor’s course.

Krav Maga Senior Coach

The senior coach has the knowledge to plan, manage, conduct and control multi-annual training programs, for various goals. He poses the knowledge to teach students the modules which are required in the senior instructor’s course.

Krav Maga Expert Coach

The expert coach poses the full knowledge and perspective of all levels of qualifications, the ins and outs of techniques, exercises, drills, strategy, simulation, control and examinations. He can qualify all former levels of teaching.

 Stay tuned for our Wingate Krav Maga Special License for teaching…