Krav Maga Courses

Our next activities:
Gland (VD) Switzerland, 04 Mars 2018

Krav-Maga Introduction seminar

with Stéphane Denis

for details contact Mr. Stéphane Denis at: [email protected]

March 21-25th  2018  Belgium

Wingate Institute official Krav Maga practical instructors course

with Stéphane Denis and Dr. Guy Mor

for details contact Mr. Stéphane Denis at: [email protected]

 June 3-8th, 2018. Wingate Institute Israel

Annual Krav Maga international courses & seminar.

for details and registration:

Residents of EU contact Mr. Stéphane Denis at: [email protected]

Residents of USA contact Mr. Ernie Kirk at [email protected] 

Residents of UK contact Mr. Joe Ambrosino at [email protected] 

Residents of all other states may contact each of the above. 

Fees for early registration: 

Krav Maga Practical Instructors Course 2,500 US$

Krav Maga Practical training and Experience 2,400 US$

Please note that we have limited vacancies only for 36 participants !

General information on activities:
  • Krav Maga Practical Instructors Course:

The benchmark and world renowned certification for instructors.

  • Krav Maga Practical training and Experience

The Krav Maga Total Experience: Myths, Methods and Training for students and instructors.
Top Israeli KM instructors will teach their versions of Gun, Knife and Stick Defenses. Train with Top IDF
Military Instructors . Topics include: KM principles, History,  and a lot of practical training.

June 8th 2018 – International Martial Arts seminars & the annual Krav-Maga international event.