May 21-27 2017, Wingate Institute – Israel

May 21-27 2017, Wingate Institute – Israel

Krav Maga & Martial Arts Conference featuring top Israeli instructors

  • Training for children
  • KM security
  • martial arts therapy
  • History of KM
  • Thai Chi


3 Diverse Training Opportunities
1. The Krav Maga Total Experience: Myths, Methods and
Training for students and instructors. Top Israeli KM instructors
will teach their versions of Gun, Knife and Stick Defenses.

Train with Top IDF Military Instructors on the beach or in the woods.
Topics include: KM principles, History, Timeline, Scenarios, etc.

2. Practical Instructor Certification: The benchmark and world
renowned Certification for instructors.

3. Advanced Training (for those who’ve completed the Practical Instructor or Senior Instructor Course) topics include: Wingate Syllabus white to black belt, Extreme Krav Maga, IDF style fighting, Stress scenarios, Knife defenses as they pertain to recent attacks and more….

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