Krav Maga Practical Instructor’s Course
Wingate Institute, Israel
General course information:

The Wingate Institute official Krav Maga Practical Instructor Course,can be learned in Israel and around the globe.

Our next course is scheduled to be held in Israel on June  3rd-8th, 2018 at Wingate Institute.

Courses in Israel, are usually taught in 6 consecutive days and consists of 60 academic hours.

This course will be taught in English and French, and includes theoretical lectures and practical classes (some of our staff members speak other language: French, Portuguese, and Russian).

The course is designated for Krav-Maga practitioners who have fulfilled the following prerequisites:

  • High school graduation
  • A Minimum of Brown belt level (some organizations do not use belt system, so we would like to see the matched technical level) in Krav Maga.
  • 5 Years experience in Krav Maga training or vast experience in other martial arts plus 2 years experience in Krav Maga.
  • Passing a practical entry examination, demonstrating techniques which are required for brown belt, additional information concerning the entry examination may be found at the end of this document
  • Submitting a short CV.


Course objectives

  1. Acquiring teaching skills.
  2. Acquiring knowledge of how to conduct safer classes.
  3. Widening knowledge in coaching methodology.
  4. Exposure to new Krav Maga techniques.
  5. Exposure to various Krav Maga teachers.


Student’s obligations

  • Practical participation in all activities.
  • Passing final examination.



Students who will successfully pass the final examination (grade 70 and up), will receive a “Krav Maga Practical Instructor” certificate from Wingate Institute.

Students who will attend the Instructor’s course and will not pass the final examination, will receive a “Krav Maga Course” participation certificate or a “Krav Maga Team Leader Certificate”, according to the Krav Maga level and teaching expertise, they have demonstrated in the final practical exam.

Paper work

Each candidate must :

  1. Fill all registration forms on time and send them to the course coordinator.
  2. Have  a recent valid medical aproval signed by a Medical Doctor.
  3. An aproval he has passed a CPR qualification in the last 2 year.
  4. An appropriate  medical insurance to cover all his activities in the course.


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