Wingate Institute, Israel’s National Centr for Excellence in Sport, was inaugurated in 1957. It is named in honor of Major General Orde Charles Wingate “The Friend”.

The State of Israel concentrates at the Institute the educational, professional and scientific resources for the development of physical education, “sport for all”, and elite sport and sport as a means of social and physical rehabilitation.

Some 5000 academics, coaches, athletes, students and the general public from all nations pass daily through Wingate’s gates. The Institute serves as a training center for national teams, gifted athletes, Olympic athletes, and, hosts international sport events and science conferences.

In recognition of extraordinary achievements in the field of education, sport medicine and research, the institute was awarded the prestigious Israel President’s Prize in 1989.


Wingate Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences – The Nat Holman School

The Nat Holman School was founded in 1965 and it is an integral part of Wingate Institute. The college is empowered by the Israeli law of Sports, to train and qualify coaches and instructors in competitive and non-competitive sports. It also conducts a wide variety of courses and study programs in Physical Fitness, Coaching Sciences, Sports Management, Martial Arts including Krav-Maga & Kapap. The college runs a prestigious faculty for Complimentary Medicine studies such as: Massage, Acupuncture, hydrotherapy, Naturopathy, and more.

It has over the years prepared thousands of professional personnel who have contributed to the development of sport and physical education at all levels.

As well, it trains instructors to work with senior citizens, the physically and mentally challenged and conducts special programs for the Blind and the social rehabilitation of the underprivileged.

Wingate Institute is located right inside a nature resort kissing the Mediterranean Sea. Only 20 minutes’ drive north to Tel-Aviv, 75 minutes west of Jerusalem, and, 5 minutes south to the cost city of Netanya.



Wingate Institute study programs are accredited by different governmental offices, according to specializations areas:

Ministry of Culture and Sport

Israel Sport Authority

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption